Monday, June 14, 2010

365 days of crafting

I'm a little nervous about sharing this goes. I've started up a new blog. Lately I’ve had this insatiable urge to craft, Craft, and CRAFT some more. These are unfamiliar feelings to me. It's not that I haven’t "crafted" in the past, it’s that pretty much whatever I have I would never display, give to a friend, or claim to be mine (except for some of my digi scrap pages). But I’ve taken the plunge and have found numerous projects to do or have done that I’m proud of. I’ve enjoyed every second of it and now I’ve decided to chronicle this new-found passion of mine. If you’re up for the ride, come join me in the journey. I've submitted my first post today. Don't expect perfection...because that's definently not what your going to get. What you will get is effort! And that's what my mooma always said what counted. Oh and I made a button just for fun that you are more then welcome to take. Its titled....Families are forever. Kind of catchy huh:)?
Eventually I'll make a button specifically for my blog.
my link to my NEW blog is here

Scrap Pages