Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day!

We had a great Fathers day in the Sutton house. It helps to have wonderful fathers in your life to celebrate!! Tim is such a hands on dad. Its funny to have to say that but i know there are fathers out there that don't take time out like they should. Tim takes time to read books every night to the kids, he takes them out on Daddy Daughter/Son Dates, throws Dance parties for them, he finds and shows them movie trailers almost every night when he gets home from work that he knows they would enjoy, takes them out for walks, wrestles with them, jumps on the trampoline, Paints and colors... the list goes on and on and he does all this so often. Thanks for being such a wonderful Dad Tim!!

And of course I need to send a little love to the Great Dad I've had my whole life, Daddy BJ. I don't get to see him as often as Id like nowadays (since we live 20+ hours away from each other), but I love our phone conversations and the times we get when a vacation at the Grandparents house comes our way! Thanks Dad for all the love and support you've given me through the years!


Nicole said...

I can't believe how much your little Zion looks like Ellie did when she was little. You have a beautiful family. I'm grateful for hands on dads too!

Brittney said...

oh my heck, Zion DOES look just like Ellie. Your family is picture perfect. And Tim sounds like he is an incredible dad.

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