Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lovely Sundays

I love Sundays! Its one of my favorite days of the week. I get to spend pretty much the whole day with the family. I get to see all my good friends at church. I love the yummy meal we have for dinner. I get to dress my girls all fancy and do fancy hairdos. I get to see both my boys dressed up in their Sunday best. I love my little and Big man in a tie! I love the encouraging, invigorating feeling when I leave church that this weeks going to be even better then the last, because this week I'm going to try even harder to be like Jesus Christ! I love that it always seems to be Sunny on Sunday! I love the naps I get! I love the naps my kids get! I love The church music we have playing through out the house starting at 7 am til about 7pm. I love the great talks and videos Tim finds for me on to read. I love Sundays! How about you?


Kathryn said...

Way to be a missionary on your blog...:-) I love Stake Conference and hearing from General Authorities! I love that I can still get to church on time with four kids! I love seeing all of my friends also. I love making yummy deserts Sunday afternoon. Sundays are definitely a nice relaxing day!

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